15. “The Weeks” – New Tune Tuesday 15

The Weeks Cover

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the late Tuesday post.  I have to be to work in 15 minutes, so hopefully we can get this done!

Today’s new tune is the feature track from my new album “The Weeks.”

I’m really proud of this song.  It’s a long one, it’s hypnotic, and it creates a really specific mood the second it starts. And of course, it’s called “The Weeks” because I started releasing a new song every week about three months ago. And this album is made up of tracks from those weeks. I like it!

I hope you like it too!

Please take the time to purchase my album if you enjoy my music. It’s on iTunes, Amazon, Google, and Spotify.  It’s super fun to share every week, but it’s also nice to know that people are appreciating my work. This music is great to work out to, meditate, study, clean, or commute to work with.  I’m really proud, and excited for next week so I can start bringing you some new music, and new thoughts.

Thanks everyone!  See you next week.


Sam Wessels

I am a writer, composer, actor, and gamer, with six musicals written, one piano album published, and one boyfriend to come home to. Come back each tuesday for a new and original piano performance.

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