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Hey music lovers!

Welcome back!  My album “The Weeks” is released, and who knows if it’s selling but it feels good to get it out there!  Make sure you check it out!

This week’s song: “Fieldtrip”

I took the picture for this album art at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco when we visited family and friends their last month.  I’ve been to San Francisco a number of times now, but it was the first big city I ever visited outside of Utah.  I first went there on “The Science Trip” in high school with about 18 of my classmates and a few teachers as chaperones.  (Those brave, brave souls.  I wonder how much they were drinking to stay sane?)

I remember it being something like this...basically this is totally accurate.

I remember it being something like this…basically this is totally accurate.

I remember the city took my breath away.  Never had I seen such a large city up close, and never one with such obvious character and charm.  You could look at a photo of just about any street in San Francisco and know that it was San Francisco just from the style of the architecture and the wild and bold colors of its building’s flamboyantly painted exteriors.


Over the next few years two of my siblings moved out to San Francisco and set up their lives there.  And now a few friends from Utah call it their home too.  We try to make it out to the city at least once a year and it’s always so beautiful.  The tech boom has forced rent into the stratosphere, but I still hope that someday we can call it home too.

What’s a field trip you remember from school?  It could be as simple as a trip to the post office, or that time you went to a dairy farm and you asked why that cow had 4 penises.  (Oh wait, that was me.)

Damn girl, you lookin' fine.  Isn't it weird that we drink and eat what comes out of these, like, all the time?

Damn girl, you lookin’ fine…isn’t it weird that we drink and eat whatever comes out of these, like, all the time?

Thanks guys!

See you next week,


Love this comic.

Love this comic.  Check out their other work at paintraincomic.com

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  1. I love your new album… We love it! We listen to every night after the babes are in bed with some Grigio… Beautiful talent, young man.

    Chris and I lived it up in San Fran a couple winters ago. We loved the city life. You mentioned the bold color homes. We were loving them!!

    Thanks for making my Tuesday a good one:)

    Xoxoxo KarKar

    • KarKar!

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Been taking it a little easy over the holiday.

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the album! Thanks for always being a big supporter. It means a lot knowing there’s someone out there listening and loving it.

      So sad to hear you’re in the hospital again. I know how shitty that can be. Keep at it, and drink up that blood, girl!

      Love you,


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