18. New Year’s Eve – NTT #18

new year's Eve COVER

Happy New Year!  Wrote and recorded this song between yesterday and today.  Fairly simple, but haunting and, I think, quite lovely.

I decided that instead of writing a thoughtful post for the end of the year about how we are constantly growing and moving forward, but we should also look back, with love, and a bit of criticism; and the only thing that never changes is everything changes…

Instead I’m just going to post the ugliest Happy New Year pictures I could find on Google.

So, ya know, what the pictures say!  May it be happy!  And new! And a year!

happy new year 2015 fireworks wallpaper Happy New Year 2015 Bright Celebration Happy-new-year-2015-sms-for-Friends


Sam Wessels

I am a writer, composer, actor, and gamer, with six musicals written, one piano album published, and one boyfriend to come home to. Come back each tuesday for a new and original piano performance.


  1. Sam
    Have been listening to your music this afternoon. We are so blessed to have you share your beautiful talent with us.
    Thank you!

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