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Look at me, Ma!  I live in New York City!

Well, it’s been way too long. Almost two months since my last post.  And what a two months it has been! Moved to New York City.  Living in Harlem on 113th and 8th Ave.  I’m working at an Italian restaurant about 4 streets up, 5 minutes walk away.  Devin arrived about a week and half ago with all our furniture and our dog Sebastian.  Things are looking good!


Spring has finally hit us here and the trees are leafing out, the daffodils are blooming, and the magnolia trees are revving up for their bombastic displays of drooping petals. My birthday is this Sunday.  I work a double at the restaurant that day.  But the day before we are headed to the New York Botanical garden to see their old grove of Magnolia trees that looks like this when it’s in full bloom:

Special thanks to past Kelsie, past Tom, and past Devin for appearing in this picture.

Special thanks to Past Kelsie, Past Tom, and Past Devin for appearing in this picture.

Oh yeah.  It’s the best.

I wrote and recorded this song yesterday. First thing I’ve written and completed since I got my piano back last week.  Definitely a Sam Wessels piano song, haha.  I know, I’m kind of stuck in a rut with these methodical, almost mathematical, minor themed songs, but they’re what I’m good at right now, and hopefully in a few months I’ll be on to something else.

Mostly I just needed to get a song posted, and let everyone know what’s up with my life.  I should be able to post more frequently now that the move is done and I have a job.  We’ll see what pans out!

See you all soon!



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I am a writer, composer, actor, and gamer, with six musicals written, one piano album published, and one boyfriend to come home to. Come back each tuesday for a new and original piano performance.


  1. Love it! So glad you’re settling in nicely. Sounds like all is going great!

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