“Fall Then Winter”

“Fall then Winter” is my first, and, so far, only album.  I released the album in December, 2012, after I had been in remission from leukemia for five years, which is considered cured. Cancer completely changed my story in awful and wonderful ways. Improvising and recording music on the piano was one of the few outlets I had.

I call the album a cancer memoir because the songs on the album appear in chronological order with the year and time since diagnosis labelled on each. Five years of music. Every year since I was diagnosed. I actually wrote almost three hundred songs during this time, but I picked 17 that captured the essence of my evolving life the best. Each song is like an aural journal entry, detailing the emotional realities that occurred throughout the raging turbulence of chemotherapy and recovery.

This album is a celebration of the life and beauty that hides in all tragedy and loss. It’s good studying music, cleaning music, and alone music.

Check it out and click through and buy a few songs, or the entire album if you want to support my work.

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