Midweek post! New album coming!

The Weeks Cover

Hi all!

I’m doing something exciting!  I’m gonna take my 10 favorite songs from the blog so far, along with a couple of original songs you won’t get on the blog, and make a new album!  “The Weeks” will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all the other big music distributors so it will be super easy to download to your smartphone, tablet, or what have you.


Also, my first album, “Fall then Winter” is still available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all that jazz.  If you haven’t read the story behind that album, please do.  I’m super proud of it!  And if you like the music on this site so far, you’ll love that album.

I love sharing my music, but it is a lot of work to bring you an original piece of music and writing every week.  If you’ve been enjoying the site and the music, please considering buying my album, or this next one, and if you can’t do that then please share the site with other people!  I’ve got a good group following here and I’d love to extend the site to new friends.

It’s been almost four months of weekly music, can you believe it?!

Let me know what your favorite songs have been in the comments section and I will try to include them in the album.

Thanks for sticking around, and to the new people, hello and welcome!


Sam Wessels

I am a writer, composer, actor, and gamer, with six musicals written, one piano album published, and one boyfriend to come home to. Come back each tuesday for a new and original piano performance.

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