Hi! I just finished the first two years of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop where I have been principally working as a lyricist with composer Marc Chan. We are currently searching for a property to adapt for stage and, hopefully, bring to broadway.

Here is a sampling of some of my previous work.  All of the following were entirley written and composed by myself (except for Thank You, I Know which I wrote with Kelsie Jepsen.)  Let me know if you have any questions!

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sam i was

A memoir musical about my experience with leukemia, it was workshopped at the Yale Institute for Musical Theatre with Joe Calarco as director, Robert Meffe as music director, and Mark Brokaw as Aristic Director. It raised almost 10 thousand dollars on its initial fundraising run, and it is currently searching for increased funding to become a feature film.

Listen to a DEMO of the beautiful duet “Don’t you Worry” from the musical’s second act between SAM and MOM.

And check out our awesome trailer!

Here’s the solo “My Life’s All in Order Now” we recorded in studio.  Sam sings about being diagnosed with leukemia the night of the diagnosis.

The Kingdom in the Closet

Amir, a poor dressmaker’s son, falls in love with Feras, the son of Saudi Arabia’s Minister of the Interior. The minister, in charge of the nation’s religious police, breaks the two teens up, and sentences Amir to years in prison. Amir and Feras’ love breaks through prison, and time, to join the two together in this touching tragedy based on the modern day reality of Saudi Arabia.

Real Dolls

A new pleasure doll that can walk and talk when her owners are out of the room teaches an older doll, Trista, how to walk, talk, and fall in love. Isis, Trista’s sister, decides to team up with Trista’s owner to destroy the new doll, and get life back to the way things were.

Listen below to a DEMO of “Take a Chance,” where Aurora convinces Trista to leave her old life behind and take a chance on life.

Thank You, I Know

Written with Kelsie Jepsen, this “play with songs” follows the life of Kelsie Jepsen.  Growing up in an ultra conservative, mormon family with a bipolar mom and arch-nemeses for siblings gave Kelsie a turbulent childhood, and great material for a play.  A “one woman show” style combines with other actors and real stories from Kelsie’s life to make quite the evening’s entertainment.

In Her Room (Originally titled “Notes on a Sunday”)

This musical follows Johnathan McPhee, a homeless parolee vacuum salesman, as he tries to win the heart of Katie Parcher, an agoraphobe locked in her room for the past seven years. A cast recording is available. Notes on a Sunday was produced by the University of Utah in spring of 2008.


Becky is a divorcee screenwriter looking for her million dollar idea. While waiting tables at an all night diner in L.A. she meets Roger, and they begin to collaborate on a script. Becky realizes that Roger is merely telling her the story of her first love and marriage. Throughout the flashbacks of her love story, she and her first husband, Jake, rediscover their love, and the possibility of a new future together.

Rectum! The musical!

David Dither is on a mission to take over the world. Raised in a shack in the woods by Marilyn Monroe, David returns to his hometown to convert the inhabitants there to Rectalism, a religion/diet craze that turns out to be their unraveling.